The Ultimate – July 2019 (Issue 30)

How energy saving motion sensor works

Commercially known simply as motion sensors, the passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) detects changes in the amount of infrared (IR) radiation within its detection range. Most objects, including animals and human, emit a different infrared pattern.  This means when a person or something passes in front of a stationary background, the temperature at that point … Continue reading "How energy saving motion sensor works"

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Before you buy your next dehumidifier

Humidifiers help keep the room/flat dry. It would not be overblown to say that they are indispensable during the humid months of March/April to late September in Hong Kong. You might want to know more about these wonder machines before you buy your next humidifier. Dehumidifying capacity ranges from 9 to 20 litres per day. … Continue reading "Before you buy your next dehumidifier"

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Raise your children to be earth friendly and save energy

Walk more. Do not take the car when possible. This will reduce air pollution and get you and your children more exercises. Breastfeed and make your own baby food. More environmentally friendly as well as healthier for the littles ones. Tell your children to turn off the faucet when brushing teeth; put less water in … Continue reading "Raise your children to be earth friendly and save energy"

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