The Ultimate – January 2019 (Issue 24)

Turning food waste into feeds & fertilizers

To support the government’s Food Wise Charter, Ultima runs a food waste recycling programme. The purpose of the programme is to raise the awareness of the importance of food waste recycling to the environment. The food wastes collected are forwarded to qualified recyclers for conversion into fish feeds, organic fertilizers, etc.  For more information about our food waste recycling programme, please check the e-notice board at your tower lobby or talk to your tower concierge.

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Unpleasant purges of the third kind about toilet

Toilets are sometimes blocked, what to do? Check out the following for a few tried and tested solutions: Method 1. Use a toilet pump. Method 2. Pour hot water into the bowl to first soften the silt in the canal before flushing. Method 3. Straighten out a clothes hanger of the wire kind into a hook, poke the drain canal with it and dredge up the tissues before flushing. Method 4. Use strong adhesive tape (say, duct tape) to completely seal the toilet seat after you dried (emptied the water) the inside of the bowl. Then flush it. When the water is flushed, the internal air pressure will rise and push up. Make sure you press all the adhesive tape down with your hand, the force of air pressure built up will force out the silt. Method 5. Call in the plumber. Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the toilet before you (that is, a plumber) can unblock the canal..

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Share this with your staff, co-workers or boss

After your home, you would likely consider ENERGY SAVING in your office. Be it your own company or not, make the following known to your office administration personnel: Adopt interior design that makes ample use of sunlight. Install zone control for lighting even within a room to avoid unnecessary or over lighting. Place stickers in conspicuous places to remind staff to turn off lights/power when the room/area/equipment is not in use. Use energy saving bulbs of appropriate wattage for each room/area. If need be, use a fan to help indoor circulation of the cooled air from the air conditioning. When staff frequently put on sweaters or jackets, your AC is set too cold. Reset the room temperature up accordingly. Generally, around 25°C in daytime is acceptable in Hong Kong. Have the air conditioners regularly inspected and the air filters regularly cleaned. This will help its performance and thus energy saving. Advise staff to take the stairs, use less elevators, that..

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