The Ultimate – February 2019 (Issue 25)

Speedtox Trap-A-Roach added in Perfetto Store

At our Perfetto store at each Tower’s Concierge, some daily necessities such as stamps, toothbrush set, and sewing box are available. Recently, we have added Speedtox Trap-A-Roach in the store, it is a non-poison food bait pack that lures roaches into the trap. Perfetto store is open 24/7. For its stock range, check your tower’s electronic notice board or ask the concierge.  

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Maintenance tips for bedding, carpets and curtain

Home textiles such as carpets and curtains do not need to be taken care of every day. However, it is not that easy to clean when you do clean them. Obviously, a proper maintenance routine would make your eventual cleaning more efficient.   For your reference: Carpets maintenance Avoid spills and soiled shoes on carpets. Vacuum weekly.   Curtain maintenance Dust with a feather duster or vacuum regularly. Thin curtains should be put into a laundry net before machine washed. They should be taken out immediately after the washing cycle ends and hung up for drying. Don’t use chlorine bleach. Always read the label instructions before washing.   Bedding cleaning Use a vacuum cleaner that can remove dust mites to clean the mattress regularly. Wash the sheets and pillowcases at 60°C. If the sun is out, dry the pillowcase and sheets under the sun — germ killing and eco-friendly.

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2019 lai see packets recycle and reuse programme

According to a survey conducted by Greeners Action in 2013, Hong Kong people were estimated to use about 320 million red packets (lai see) each year, mainly around Chinese Lunar New Year time. Greeners Action calculated that this staggering amount of paper packets would require the cutting down of about 16,300 trees for their making. Giving out lai see or lucky money in a red packet during the Lunar New Year and at other celebratory events is a long Chinese tradition that both the givers and the receivers enjoy. There is no reason to believe that this tradition would go away or should change. However, we can all do something to minimise the tradition’s negative impact on the environment. This is our reason for promoting the Lai See Packet Recycle and Reuse Programme. From now to 26th February, if you have surplus empty (used or unused, but not broken) red packets, give them to your tower’s concierge. Greeners Action will..

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