The Ultimate – May 2019 (Issue 28)

The estate’s car plate recognition system

Hundreds of non-resident vehicles enter and leave the estate every day —  delivery vehicles, visitor vehicles, food delivery motorcycles, taxis, etc.  How do we keep track of them? The estate has a Car Plate Recognition System.  Every time a vehicle passes through the entrance barrier, the system automatically takes a snap of the car plate … Continue reading "The estate’s car plate recognition system"

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Electrical safety tips

Recommended by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 1)         To ensure that you have a safe household environment, you must buy safe household electrical appliances, use them properly and maintain them appropriately. 2)         For use in Hong Kong, buy electrical appliances which meet the local statutory safety requirements only. Ensure the appliances are suitable for use … Continue reading "Electrical safety tips"

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 Not really about commuting

If the distance is manageable and the road conditions safe, walk or cycle to school or work. Take the stairs on MTR instead of the escalators, and the stairs at home if you live on a single-digit floor. Use public transport more often. Before buying a new car, consider its fuel consumption re performance. Electric … Continue reading " Not really about commuting"

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