The Ultimate – June 2019 (Issue 29)

Got used furniture for Chu Kong Plan recycling

Chu Kong Plan collects, checks and refurbish used furniture for redistribution to the poor in Hong Kong or resell them at its own Chu Kong shop. Ultima has participated in its programme and you are invited to donate your used furniture to the organisation. For residents who have used furniture to give away, please send … Continue reading "Got used furniture for Chu Kong Plan recycling"

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Maximising the efficiency of your ACs

Airconditioning is a necessity in Hong Kong summer. By extension, maintaining your air conditioners in tip-top conditions is a necessity as well. Check out the following: In summer, clean the filter every two weeks. This will prevent dust from clogging the filter and reducing the cooling capacity. A dirty filter will obstruct the flow of … Continue reading "Maximising the efficiency of your ACs"

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Eight simple ways to reduce your water footprints

The average person in Hong Kong consumes 130 litres of fresh water each day, making Hong Kong people some of the highest urban consumers of water in the world. If we continue to use water at the same rate, supplies will dwindle, and we might have to live on less than 100 litres of water … Continue reading "Eight simple ways to reduce your water footprints "

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