The Ultimate – December 2019 (Issue 35)

Recently joined Tower Perfetto officers

Tower 1: Marco Ng, Christine Chan and Eric Ching. Tower 2: Irene Lam, Hingo Chan and Yvonne Leung. Tower 3: Milk Wong and Jack Chan. Tower 5: Ken Lam, Moon Lau and Liza Hui. Tower 6: Tracy Tang, Max Mak and April Tong. Tower 7: Alice Hon, Yan Cheung and Lewis Chu. Tower 8: Steven … Continue reading "Recently joined Tower Perfetto officers"

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Turning food waste into vegetable crayons on you own

Ever thought that vegetables could become crayon? The principle is to supersede the chemical pigment component by vegetable’s colour. In July this year, we held a vegetable crayons workshop in Club Ultima. Our residents and estate staff together made vegetable crayons out of kitchen waste. These homemade crayons do not contain chemical pigments. In other … Continue reading "Turning food waste into vegetable crayons on you own"

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turn your food waste into fuel for electricity

Adding to Ultima’s effort to encourage recycling and waste reduction is the smart food waste disposal machine we recently acquired. This machine can convert food waste into liquid effluent that can then be turned into fuel for electricity. The process: Ultima will turn over the liquid effluent to one of the sewage treatment works of … Continue reading " turn your food waste into fuel for electricity"

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