The Ultimate – May 2020 (Issue 40)

New staff introduction - Tower 2

Keith Cheung and Katniss Chan – Keith is new to the service industry. He has a cheerful personality, a serious attitude. We have no doubt he will quickly become an asset to our team and be of service to our residents. Katniss has several years of working experience in the service industry. She is a … Continue reading "New staff introduction - Tower 2"

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Confirmed cases down, but don't let your guard down

The novel coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic has led to death, unemployment and even famine in some parts of the world. In Hong Kong, with our admirable medical workers, health-conscious citizens as well as government regulations, we have so far not been as severely and fatally affected by the pandemic as in some other countries. However, … Continue reading "Confirmed cases down, but don't let your guard down"

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Recipe – pumpkin, lily, and millet porridge

  May stands between spring and summer. The weather fluctuates, making May an ideal month for porridge, especially a porridge that is conducive to health. The following receipt is both easy to follow and a good way to foster the relationship between parents and children as Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Besides, the … Continue reading "Recipe – pumpkin, lily, and millet porridge"

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