The Ultimate – October 2019 (Issue 33)

Our night shift co-workers

You probably seldom run into any of our night shift staff. Their nightly presence, however, is important to the security of the estate. They monitor every corner of the property. At the same time, they are just one call away whenever you require assistance (By intercom to your tower concierge or call the Management Services … Continue reading "Our night shift co-workers"

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washing machine needs cleaning

The humid environment inside the machine breeds bacteria. If the machine is not used daily, or fairly frequently, the moisture and water inside will become turbid and bacteria will breed. As the bacteria grow  in number, they would get attached to the newly washed clothes, causing secondary pollution. To cut it short, a washing machine … Continue reading "washing machine needs cleaning "

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The Ultima word game

Reduce ◦ Reuse ◦ Recycle ◦ Refrain To play, match the right R word to the following lines: ________ This old mug with a hairline crack is just the pencil stand I need. ________ Should I buy this? Do I already have something like this? ________ Use fewer paper towels and wet wipes. Order the … Continue reading "The Ultima word game"

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