The Ultimate – September 2019 (Issue 32)

What do Ultima main lobby colleague do?

We are the main lobby staff : Steven, Eva, Katy and Danny. Our main duties are to provide attentive customer service and a high level of security at the entrance of the estate. All visitors, contractors, and delivery men must be checked by us and get confirmed of their coming by the concerned residents before … Continue reading "What do Ultima main lobby colleague do?"

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Ever considered joining a volunteer team?

There is a growing number of social awareness groups and non-profit organizations in Hong Kong in recent years. They variously support the elderlies, the poor, the handicaps, the environments as well as many other worthy causes. Even commercial organisations are forming their own in-house volunteer teams to connect with the community. Their volunteer work benefits … Continue reading "Ever considered joining a volunteer team?"

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Remember this when you order your soft drinks

Plastic straw wastes are one of the top ten polluters of oceans and seas. These wastes post a serious threat to the marine ecosystem of the world and endanger our future. According to scientific studies, it takes approximately 400 to 500 years for a plastic straw to be completely decomposed. Ghastly, is it? Luckily, it … Continue reading "Remember this when you order your soft drinks"

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