The Ultimate – December 2018 (Issue 23)

Security provided by our face recognition system

In April this year, police in Mainland China, with the help of face recognition devices,  caught 3 fugitives within 6 weeks. These fugitives were fans of pop singer, Jacky Cheung. They attended Cheung’s city tour concert and were arrested by police monitoring the face recognition security system of the venue. Ultima has face recognition security devices in all tower lobbies and the main entrance lobby. This is one of the facilities we use to help keep our estate secure and free from intruders. While on technology, we are pleased to inform you that Ultima is one of 6 properties nominated for Quality Property and Facility Management Award 2018 in the category of Smart Buildings, Smart Management. The award recognizes exceptional achievements and excellence in upholding quality and professional standards by introducing innovative technologies and creative management applications.

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eco-friendly and money-saving household tips

No, no, we’re not going to advise you to eat less or wash your hair without using shampoo. On the other hand, if you follow the advice below, Earth will thank you and you would save a bit of money too. Install flow controllers to your faucets By simply installing a flow controller (water saving device) onto your water tap or shower, you can better control the water strength as well as reduce water consumption. LED light bulbs are the way of future LED light bulbs consume much less power and are just as bright. They last very long and prices of them are coming down too. Unplug your electronics at night The typical home has 30 electronics powered up at any given moment — TV, cell phone chargers, blenders, etc. They use electricity even when they’re powered off.  Simple fix: Plug your devices into power strips and switch them off at once at the end of the day. Use..

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Three easy approaches to save our earth

1. Remove the bottle cap. 2.Pour out the liquid and rinse. 3.Remove the label. Do that before you place your plastic containers into Ultima’s recycling bins for plastics and you are doing our future generations a great, big favour.  Through the Environmental Protection Department, the Hong Kong government has been promoting Source Separation of Domestic Waste for several years now. The department is now promoting clean recycling for more efficient and economical recycling. Your support of this initiative will help leave a habitable earth for our future generations. As long as you remove the cap, label and rinse the plastic bottles, they are recyclable.  These include soft drinks bottles, Yakult bottles, baby feeding bottles, personal care products and oral supplements plastic containers, etc. Note: Four types of recycling bins (glass, paper, metal & plastic) can be found at each floor’s refuse room along with the garbage bin.

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