The Ultimate – January 2020 (Issue 36)

Club Ultima Team Introduction

In this issue, we are going to introduce the Club Ultima’s staff, including club department and the food and beverage department.  I’m sure you’ll find them serving each guest attentively and carefully. The club’s staffs regularly organize festival events which are suitable for both adults and children, and there are regular courses for different types … Continue reading "Club Ultima Team Introduction"

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Natural Mosquito Repellent Bar

When the summer comes, we often busy in fighting mosquitoes instead of enjoying beach and sunshine. So we should adopt suitable protective measures against mosquitoes. There are more than 3,000 kinds of mosquitoes in the word and 70 kinds of them have been found and recorded in HK at present. Aedes albopictus is one of … Continue reading "Natural Mosquito Repellent Bar"

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Natural Christmas Trees Recycling

Ultima has participated in the natural Christmas trees (NCTs) recycling program of “Environmental Protection Department” and will deliver the recycled NCTs to the central collection point from January 3 to 6, 2020 (total 4 days). The recycled NCTs can be transforming into gardening coverings and composts to reduce yard waste. Recycling Tips: The NCTs should … Continue reading "Natural Christmas Trees Recycling"

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