The Ultimate – April 2019 (Issue 27)

Free homemade mosquito repelling bars for residents

As the weather is getting hotter and wetter in the coming months, the pest control work for the estate, mosquito control especially, has been stepped up. Our staff have also made some homemade mosquito repelling bars for our residents. Ask your tower concierge for them.   Harmless ingredients Our staff-made mosquito repellent bars are made … Continue reading "Free homemade mosquito repelling bars for residents"

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How to store your clothes in humid weather

Humid season in Hong Kong now and for the coming 6 months or so. How to store seasonal clothes and quilts dry? The following is for your reference: Sweat would turn clothes yellowish overtime; wash your clothes before storing them. Dry the wardrobe with a dehumidifier or hair dryer before storing clothes; place desiccant packs … Continue reading "How to store your clothes in humid weather"

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Conscientious home economics: clothing

  Thoughtful shopping Before buying any new clothes, think twice whether they really look good on you and whether they can mix and match well with your clothing? Damaged clothing can be repaired, and good, older clothing can be altered for updated fit. Save electricity and ironing time, consider buying wash and wear garments if … Continue reading "Conscientious home economics: clothing"

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