Three easy approaches to save our earth

1. Remove the bottle cap.

2.Pour out the liquid and rinse.

3.Remove the label.

Do that before you place your plastic containers into Ultima’s recycling bins for plastics and you are doing our future generations a great, big favour.  Through the Environmental Protection Department, the Hong Kong government has been promoting Source Separation of Domestic Waste for several years now. The department is now promoting clean recycling for more efficient and economical recycling. Your support of this initiative will help leave a habitable earth for our future generations.

As long as you remove the cap, label and rinse the plastic bottles, they are recyclable.  These include soft drinks bottles, Yakult bottles, baby feeding bottles, personal care products and oral supplements plastic containers, etc.

Note: Four types of recycling bins (glass, paper, metal & plastic) can be found at each floor’s refuse room along with the garbage bin.