2019 lai see packets recycle and reuse programme

According to a survey conducted by Greeners Action in 2013, Hong Kong people were estimated to use about 320 million red packets (lai see) each year, mainly around Chinese Lunar New Year time. Greeners Action calculated that this staggering amount of paper packets would require the cutting down of about 16,300 trees for their making.

Giving out lai see or lucky money in a red packet during the Lunar New Year and at other celebratory events is a long Chinese tradition that both the givers and the receivers enjoy. There is no reason to believe that this tradition would go away or should change. However, we can all do something to minimise the tradition’s negative impact on the environment. This is our reason for promoting the Lai See Packet Recycle and Reuse Programme.

From now to 26th February, if you have surplus empty (used or unused, but not broken) red packets, give them to your tower’s concierge. Greeners Action will collect the red packets, and, after sorting, distribute them to the public for free as reuse red packets. Support this programme!