Our new inchplants or wandering jew plants

If you are a plants lover or have been paying attention to our gardening, you may have discovered that there are new plants grown opposite Tower 6, near House 8. They are Tradescantia zebrina (common name inchplant or wandering jew plants).  Native to Mexico, Central America and Colombia, the plant is now a naturalized variety in parts of Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and various oceanic islands.

Inchplant’s leaves are beautiful and colourful. This makes the plant a good decorative plant for bookcases and racks. In summer, it can be used as a hanging houseplant indoor. Inchplants are also often used to serve as a foil to green plants. A gardening use of it is for water and soil conservation, as wandering Jew or inchplants grows rapidly and makes an excellent green ground cover.