Food Waste Recycling Program

In Hong Kong, about 3,000 tons of food wastes are currently moved to landfills, and 2,000 tons of food wastes come from households every day. A large lot of food wastes take up all the space. That is even worse situation. In order to reduce the food waste, our government encourages us to reduce food waste at source and recycle source separated organic waste such as food waste into useful resources. In addition, landfill gas from the waste will generate a lot of greenhouse gases such as methane and highly polluted sewage. That has a strong impact on the environment. Therefore, it is really important that we need to consider how to process food waste recovery and recycling.

Ultima management services office began to promote the food waste recycling program to residents for reduction waste at source in November 2018. Until now, many residents have joined the program. In order to invite more residents to join the food waste recycling program, we make four steps to summarize as the below following:

  1. Please find out how to classify food waste.
  2. Please pick up the recycling bin from each tower concierge lobby.
  3. Please collect recyclable food waste and put it in the recycling bin.
  4. Please keep back the recycling bins to each tower concierge lobby every morning.

We look forward to more residents will join the program in the future and having a better understanding of food waste recycling. Let us create a virtuous cycle of food utilization.