Maximising the efficiency of your ACs

Airconditioning is a necessity in Hong Kong summer. By extension, maintaining your air conditioners in tip-top conditions is a necessity as well. Check out the following:

  • In summer, clean the filter every two weeks. This will prevent dust from clogging the filter and reducing the cooling capacity. A dirty filter will obstruct the flow of air, trap dust, and would eventually damage the AC’s moving parts.
  • The filter should be cleaned immediately if the flow of cool air has become weak or uneven.
  • To clean the filter, use liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  • To ensure maximum heat dissipation, make sure the outside coils of your split A/C unit are not blocked or covered.
  • Do not switch off and then immediately re-start your AC. Wait three minutes to allow pressure to be released from the compressor. This will help prevent prematurely damaging the unit.
  • To avoid damaging the compressor, do not use the electricity supply power button to switch on/off the air conditioner. It is best to use the remote control for on/off.