How to store your clothes in humid weather

Humid season in Hong Kong now and for the coming 6 months or so. How to store seasonal clothes and quilts dry? The following is for your reference:

  • Sweat would turn clothes yellowish overtime; wash your clothes before storing them.
  • Dry the wardrobe with a dehumidifier or hair dryer before storing clothes; place desiccant packs (drying agents) along with packed clothes.
  • Separate clothes according to colour and material, and don’t pack faux leather and real leather garments in the same bag as they may stick together.
  • Don’t put clothes in plastic bags for storing. The non-breathability would trap condensation and create an environment for the spawning of mould. Use cotton bags.
  • Make sure deodorants and mothballs are not in direct contact with the clothing as they may cause discolouration.
  • •      Check the wardrobe regularly to see if drying agents are saturated and deodorants need to be replaced.