How to clean your cooking stoves thoroughly

The gas cooking stoves in Ultima’s kitchen need cleaning regularly to remove the stains and grease on their surfaces and to ensure the passages of the gas outlets (small holes) of the burner ring and lid are optimized for efficient firing up of the stoves. A few recommendations below:

Cleaning the burner hob:

  1. Take out all components (illustrations left and below) of the stove top. Beforehand, make sure the burner head is completely cool.
  2. Use dilute detergent with a small towel to clean the control panel, the stove frame, the stove top surface, the burner ring, burner head and the burner lid.
  3. Afterwards, dry them with a clean dry towel.
  4. Use a soft towel or a small brush to gently clean the sparker and the heat sensor.
  5. Use a pin or toothpick to clean the gas tiny gas outlets of the burner ring and lid, making sure they are not blocked by grease and grimes.
  6. Re-assemble precisely all the parts to its original positions. Turn on the stove for a couple of seconds to test that it is firing up and burning properly.

Note: Clean the stove frame (pan support) for spills and grease after each cooking.  Please do not use acidic detergent, such as vinegar and citric acid, to avoid damaging the pan support and the burner. And, it is more important not to clean any of the stove accessories in the dishwashing machine.

Certainly, our tower concierge shall try our best to help, especially to guide your domestic maid to follow the above cleaning procedure with 6 steps as above .