Tai Tung Shan (Sunset Peak) in South Lantau

Tai Tung Shan is 869-meter high. The Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) is on its west. Yi Tung Shan and Lin Fa Shan are on its east. It is the third highest mountain in Hong Kong — after Tai Mo Shan and Lantau Peak. There are stone huts located between Sunset Peak and Yi Tung Shan. These huts were holiday houses built by British missionaries. Some of the huts are  privately owned and some are owned/ managed by organizations.

To get to Sunset Peak, you can start from the second section of the Lantau Trail by Pa Kung Au, or by the first section of Nam Shan. You can also walk from Pak Mong trail through Lin Fa the Shan. The mountain trails are undulating along the ridges, and many of the stone huts  are located on the hillsides. Try going there autumn or winter, you will find the seas and hillsides memorable.


Path: Sunset Peak

Length: 8.0 km

Time required: 4.0 hours

Difficulty: 3.5

Landscape: 4.0


Starting point: MTR Tung Chung Station

Finish: Bus 11, 23 to Tung Chung

Adapted from http://www.walkonhill.com/route_en.php?area=7&seq=4