Old Quebec of Quebec City

(Designated in 1985 an UNESCO World Heritage Site)

In French the city is known as Ville de Québec. In Hong Kong, this major Canadian east coast  city and capital of Quebec Province is known mostly by its English name Quebec City. Situated in the south of the province, the city has a population of about 3-quarter million. It’s main tourist draw is the Old Quebec City neighbourhood where old ramparts or city walls still surround most of the city. It is the only North American city that still has its city walls. These were built in the 18th Century by the British when they took over the city from the French.

The city was the first town established by French immigrants in 1608. And to this day, the city is French-speaking and its residents primarily of French ancestry. The food, alcohol, coffee, and tasteful life, as you might have guessed, are chiefly in French traditions. What’s more, throughout the city, older European style buildings made of stones or bricks are common.

Adapted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec