Carwash etiquette is more than just good manners

Taps had been installed for car cleaning at the carpark. However, splashing and hosing down your cars inside the carpark are not allowed. Please advise your domestic helpers, drivers or car cleaning contractors to use a bucket to collect water from the tap and only use damp cloth to wipe the car. Also, please tell them not to empty the bucket onto the floor after cleaning the car. Note: Both residents and staff have a duty to keep the estate clean and hygienic for the common good of all Ultima residents.

If you are hiring a car cleaning service on your own, please take note of the followings:

* For security safety reasons, please provide us in advance the details of the car cleaning service including the name of the company, the designated cleaner and the cleaning time. Failing to provide such information to the Management Services officer (MSO) in time may lead to your appointed cleaner being barred from entering Ultima and the Ultima carpark.

* Parking charge will apply to the vehicle of the cleaning staff.

* No advertising is allowed in the Ultima (and its carpark). If a leaflet of a car cleaning service is found left on any vehicle in the carpark, the company concerned will be banned from entering the carpark again. Please notify your appointed cleaner about this.