Household noise solutions

To enjoy a quiet home environment, check out the following on what you can do about household noises:

Wood furniture can reduce noise

This is because the fibre of wooden furniture is porous. It can absorb sound. Pine wood is best. Wood furniture placed on the wall partitioning the next-door flat can effectively minimise the sound passing through.

Carpets, rugs, and curtains can do the tricks as well

Fabrics like thick curtains, upholstery, rugs, and carpets can do their bits to deafen noise.

Softwood flooring too

If thick carpet is not for you for any reasons, you can also use cork flooring. Cork has good sound damping performance. The neighbours around will appreciate that, especially the neighbour immediately underneath your floor.

For the walls, you can…

Apply wallpapers or wall cloths, they too have sound damping effects. Bare walls around the flat are  sometimes so smooth that they bounce off sound too efficiently and the echoes can become a problem as they augment the noise levels. If you are renovating your flat or house, or before moving in, you can get your contractor or house decorator to recommend some proven sound absorbing materials for wall treatments, or instruct them to make the wall surface ornamentally rough, to lessen the echo effects